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Hi! I'm David Simons, just attempting to find space in this little place called in the internet.

There's nothing too heavy-hitting on this site, just enough to give you a taste of who I am. Please feel free to contact me if you want something deeper!

Who am I?


I'm currently between jobs, having left Softwire after four years, where I lead technical and consulting teams, with a heavy emphasis on mentoring and client-focused delviery of projects. I've worked mostly on web applications in a range of languages including C#, Java and Javascript.

My next challenge will be undertaking a consultancy role at GraphAware, working to bring Neo4j and Graphs to a wider range of companies.

I code a lot in my spare time, including at various hackathons. I love consuming technologies old and new, and have a particular passion for databases (given my background in Statistics).

You can often find me at conferences discussing all I've found out - there is a list of upcoming talks as well as videos of my previous talks.

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I'm a proud defender of equal rights. I've worked extensively with LGBTQ+ advocacy organisations in the past but aim to support and empower all manner of voices, where possible.

Organisations I've worked with and fundraised for include the Oxford University LGBTQSoc; Oxford Pride; THT and the Albert Kennedy Trust. All very worthwhile causes!


I've learnt my trade with Hoopla! and Monkey Toast, and since then have performed briefly with a small number of troupes. I'm currently between troupes, but am always interested in new opportunities to step the boards.


On top of all the above, I also love:

  • Jogging, especially long-distance obstacles courses such as Tough Mudder
  • Cooking (I whip up a mean seven-course dinner)
  • Watching theatre and hunting out immersive theatre experiences
  • Body paint

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Twitter: @SwamWithTurtles
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